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My name is Elijah ((flexible, paranormal rp blog that will interact with anyone. Fallout and Supernatural blogs are especially welcome. ))
Who is Elijah?

The shadow’s hand wavered quickly, giving a curt greeting to the man. 

Some doodles to take my mind off of things. Have some “naked” Elijah and one trying to hit a girl up bow wow $$$ 

Some doodles to take my mind off of things. Have some “naked” Elijah and one trying to hit a girl up bow wow $$$ 

inspiredflight said: The figure walks around the small interior of the tent and touches each object he could find that was made out of glass. Surely enough beneath the harsh prods of the hooded figure, a thin, fragile syringe finally broke with an audible crack.


The medic hadn’t been in the tent when the figure had entered. No, he’d been talking to the major about working some money his way so he could get some more supplies instead of using his own funds, but to no avail. Eugene had just approached his desk as the syringe had fallen, his lips already curling in distaste.


Another thing he’d have to clean up and replace. Throwing his jacket on his chair he went to grab the hand broom and dustpan he kept in a small cupboard.

       Oh look what he’d gone and done now. That poor pale fellow might need some help picking those pesky shards from the floor. And what better way to pick up trash than with a broom and a dustpan? 

       Dark fingers coiled round wood and slipped the tools right from under the human. Slowly, he advanced towards the crime scene and began to tidy up. To the best of his abilities at least and paying no mind at the risk of getting seen. 

     Jagged stone teeth protruded from the ceiling and rose high from the ground. At a first glance the whole place could be mistaken for the jaws of some mighty beast. A leviathan within the mountain’s frame, waiting patiently for travelers to peer inside it’s alluring mouth. 

         It’s beauty didn’t stop at it’s monstrous appearance, but also shown with the life it held. Strange plants sprouted from it’s ‘gums’ and shimmering wildlife slithered along the shadowy walls. In total darkness it would have been a lovely sight.  But a single flicker of clarity interrupted the nocturnal scene and made space for the work of a human. 

      Elijah observed the figure away from the light’s reach and nodded approvingly at their covered appearance. What lovely fabric coiled around their skin. How come such a man with such beautiful bandages dared ruin the sanctity of this cave? The shade’s legs led him closer, pulled by curiosity towards the busy male.